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General Principals of Passive Houses & Ann Arbor, MI performance of a Near Passive House Addition (147 MB, 7 minutes):

2013 Overview  (In Process)

February 2013:  Permanent electrical subpanel mounted and wired into service.


January 2013: North and west sides are partially backfilled;  PEX tubing laid in excavation  as north and west sides are backfilled.  230-Jan13-NorthAndWestSidesPartiallyBackfilled-48




2012 Overview

December 2012: East and south sides backfilled, and house closed-in for winter;  1st floor sub-floor placed, and stored EPS foam blocks form temporary roof-line for winter.  210-Dec12-EastAndSouthSidesBackfilled-ClosedInForWinter-04



November 2012: Lower level load-bearing interior walls erected; Final GFR concrete applied to lower level.  190-Nov12-LoadBearingLowerLevelInteriorWallsErected-156



October 2012: Final basement floor poured; Foam placed for 3rd tier of exterior wall.  170-Oct12-FinalBasementFloorPoured-48



September 2012: 3rd tier of exterior wall foam continues to be carved and placed.  150-Sep12-ExteriorWallFoam3rdTierContinuesToGoUp-50


August 2012: Basement floor prepped for new concrete; Basement exterior doors added.


July 2012: Unconditioned “basement” space (root cellars)  are GFRC coated on outside.


July 2012: Unconditioned “basement” space (root cellars) indoor space ready for GFRC.         


June 2012: Uninsulated basement walls (root cellars) erected (still to be GFRC coated). 


May 2012: Uninsulated basement wall (root cellars) construction begins.



2011 Overview  (Broke ground June, 2011)

December 2011: Winter arrives – outdoor work stops till spring.


November 2011:  Start of downstairs 3rd tier / beginning of upstairs exterior walls.


October 2011:  Work on 2nd tier of downstairs.


September – October 2011:  1st tier of house exterior / structural walls go up.


August – September 2011:  Rainwater cistern test project for use of concrete (GFRC) SIP building construction methodology in Michigan climate.


August 2011:  EPS foam insulation with radiant tubing underneath downstairs floor.


July 2011:  Excavation completed and foundation slab laid. Foundation Slab Completed


June 2011:  Building site excavation including water and electric lines.Building Excavation


May 2011:  View of house building site before excavating begins.House Site Before Excavating